Reviews and articles

Het Kontakt/Culemborgse Courant, 19-10-23
‘Tim Brackman is not only a very gifted violinist, but also a gifted storyteller’
‘Rik Kuppen played the solo piano part transparently and with a beautiful touch, Kalle de Bie impressed with expressive playing’
‘Phenomenal concert by Brackman Trio with Floor Le Coultre’

Tubantia, 20-08-2022
Tim Brackman about Stift Festival:
‘The Stift Festival feels like my home base where I grew up musically’

Tubantia, 05-10-2021
Tim Brackman about Podium Eibergen:
‘Podium Eibergen has a mission: to draw attention to classical music in an accessible way’

Tubantia, 17-12-2019
Tim Brackman about Podium Eibergen:
‘Something exciting must be created here, also for young talent’

NRC Handelsblad, 31-07-2019
After four times the Brackman Trio Festival, Tim Brackman now organizes chamber music concerts in the Achterhoek

Steenwijker Courant, 25-01-2019
| **** |
‘Young top musicians dare to set the bar high’
‘An emotional roller coaster, played with passion’
‘A painting of sounds’

Meppeler Courant, 19-11-2018
| ***** |
‘Inspired quartet’
‘Has reached an unlikely high level’
‘Unparalleled beautiful playing string quartet’

Oskar Back Concours, 20-01-2018
‘Charming artistic personality’
‘Sense of timbre’
‘Natural appearance’

Muze / Pianowereld, 12-12-2017
‘Played violin part with timbre’
‘At least 5 types of beer brought the audience back to their senses’

Steenwijker Courant, 16-01-2017
| ***** |
‘Attentive audience held their breath’
‘A top performance’
‘Actually five stars are still too few’

Het Parool, 14-11-2016
‘Exciting music’
‘Quiet in the hall full of children’
‘Completely immersed in music’

Leeuwarder Courant, 18-01-2016
| ***** |
‘Top performance of young trio’
‘A flamboyant look’