Tim wins 3rd prize Oskar Back Competition 2018

Tim Brackman won 3rd prize at the Dutch Violin Competition Oskar Back 2018, as well as NTR-Prize Best Performance of ‘Aeriko’, by Calliope Tsoupaki.

From the jury report: ”Tim is a charming artistic personality with a great sense of timbre and with a natural appearance”

Uit het juryrapport: ”Tim is een innemende artistieke persoonlijkheid met een groot gevoel voor klankkleur en met een natuurlijke uitstraling”

Tim wins NTR-Prize Best Performance of ‘Aeriko’, Oskar Back Competition 2018

Tim Brackman won NTR-Prize Best Performance of ‘Aeriko’, composed by Calliope Tsoupaki for the violin Competition Oskar Back 2018. Tim played together with pianist Anne Brackman.

Calliope Tsoupaki about ‘Aeriko’:
AERIKO is a word from the Greek folk tradition and fairy tales, meaning, etherial creature, airly fairy-like celestial being. It’s the first word that comes up to me when I think of my lifetime friend and great philologer Mado Malamou. I dedicate the piece to her for all the poetic thoughts we share together.

Crowdfunding Brackman Trio Festival 2017

Brackman Trio Festival
April 15, 16 and 17, 2017
5 concerts
Brackman Trio & friends
Festival 2017


The crowdfunding action was successful, thanks to many music lovers and Stichting Voordekunst.nl.
We thank everyone who has helped us to achieve this festival.

De crowdfundingsactie was succesvol, dankzij vele muziekliefhebbers en Stichting Voordekunst.nl.
Wij bedanken iedereen die ons geholpen heeft om dit festival tot stand te brengen.