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Composition competition ‘Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Prize’ piano trios win prizes

Sunday September 28, 2014 the final day of the composition competition AlbaRosa Viëtor Composition Prize within the project Festival AlbaRosa Viva! took place in Leeuwenbergh in Vredenburg in Utrecht. Two compositions performed by Brackman Trio received prizes.

Rituale for violin, cello and piano by the Italian composer Francesco Ciurlo received the second prize. The first prize, shared with the Dutch composer Mathilde Wantenaar, went to the German composer Michael Essl for his Turning spindle for violin, cello and piano.

Program (Dutch) Finale Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Prize (pdf).

Brackman Trio plays new works at festival Alba Rosa Viva!

On Sunday, September 28, 2014 is the 125th birthday of the celebrated Italian composer Alba Rosa Viëtor ( 1889-1979 ) with a one-day music festival in Utrecht. ARV Festival is dedicated to the life and work of this composer, violinist and pianist. From morning to evening various concerts, a youth concert, a song recital, an improvisation workshop for all ages, a composition competition for young composers and a concert with CD presentation by the renowned Storioni Trio.
The Brackman Trio will perform new works by composers Francesco Ciurlo and Michael Essl .
This concert will be recorded by Omroep MAX for broadcast at a later date.

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